My name is Patrick founder of the Paranormal Scientific Investigation New York State (PSINYS). I have always had an interest in the paranormal.  When I was a child I had two things happen to me that I could not explain.  As I got older I came to the realization that what had happened was paranormal.  As an adult I worked for a Private government agency and saw many unexplainable things. Now that I am retired for the past 9 years I have been investigating the paranormal and now have open this website dedicated to the Paranormal and the unexplained. My team takes a scientific approach to study of unknown phenomena.

  Our work is a serious study of the paranormal, consisting of heavy research on what we are investigating be it a home, a church, a historic area or cemetery. We do believe that there is life after death. We Believe that some who die meander here on this plain because they either left with unfinished business, have a strong link to their lives they had here, or they were taken suddenly due to murder, accidental causes or natural disasters. We also know that there is more then our simple lives here upon earth.

   There is a world,  yet in another dimension or even several more dimensions as science has already proved. One without time with out pain and suffering, One that has no limits as we are all so used to here on earth. It is my dream to one day prove by using science and technology that a doorway to that world will be opened.

  I have been working on a project that I hope to one day complete that will do just that.  As I continue to search for funding for my project, we will in the meantime  gather high tech evidence from our investigations so that one day we will be able to show that this is a science.   Just like 80 years or so when man looked toward the night sky and the moon and talked about leaving this planet it was thought by many as crazy or science fiction yet today we have done both.   I believe we can show the world that there is a place where we live on after death .

   If you are searching for answers or are in need of an investigation, please do not hesitate to contact us.



The Paranormal Scientific Investigations of New York State (PSINYS) is a scientific-based research group.   The group was formed for the research and study of anomalous activities. 

Our goal is to create equipment that will enable us to break down the differences between scientific facts versus "soft science".  This equipment will allow us to study paranormal activity on a quantum level.    By gathering scientific data with equipment that is already in use by quantum physics and the equipment built by our technicians, we intend to breach the barrier between the living and the dead, proving once and for all that the "soft science" of the paranormal is a true "hard" science.

              Paranormal Scientific Investigation of New York State


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